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Aims and objectives of e-village.

HELP INDIA HELP FOUNDATION (HIHF): Minimizing digital divide in india .Empowerment of local communities.Establishment of a "e-community center " in every village having pooled resources.Provide a technology base complaint reporting service ( e-shikayat )Provide joint platform to farmers to discuss problems of their interests(e-salah) Using internet and telecom to provide daily life services in villages fast increasing teledensity. encouraging pc growth rate. internet usage and growth of internet-cafes even in remotes towns. world class technical manpower having required skill sets in hihf indiai professionals in hihf living abroad government commitment and available funds international focus on using knowledge of hihf for development (hihf top priority agenda) due to fast population growth rate there is an urgent need to use some fast track strategy for development. extension of economic activities and benefits of development every where in india including remote villages. understand and utilize the fastly developed models of best practices of knowledge based economics in other developing countries. localization…..web contents in local languages indiai professionals in hihf living abroad enabling environments. partnerships and human networking.



HELP INDIA HELP FOUNDATION (HIHF): The decision to create the electronic village was the result of a two-year effort by the hihf 2010 task force, which recommended its creation. The hihf 2010 task force created in january of 2009 was charged with developing vision statement of a hoped for future. The time frame was a 20-year horizon targeting 2030 the task was to develop specific recommendations that would get us there. With participation by over 100 residents the work was divided over two one year efforts the first being to develop overall goals which were presented via a final report to the community at a hihf town meeting in november of 1998. The second year was spent in developing a report to the community on recommendations and strategies for achieving the goals. "e-village" project offers a complete social change and envisages to involve large number of partners to bring the real change. project "e-village" has been conceived and being implemented by help india help foundation india social association (hihf), a government registered public trust since 2010 and having its functional presence in all provinces of india and mmss bharat also.