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  • National Solar Energy Awareness Program Project


NSEAP (National Solar Energy Awerness Plant)- This project was started with the Quixotic approach of Clean & Green India and it is ongoing and enlarging project with the great vision to make a better tomorrow with Renewable Energy.

Mission- To build India into an Top list of Solar Supply, and the first step started from one of the state of Uttar Pradesh. As you have seen the picture before, it is just to visualize the project but once the project is completed it is more good then this picture and you will surely fell the difference. This project aims to supplier 24*7 electricity facility to the ruler areas. This project has multiple purpose to meet the need of poor people. By 2022 this project is going to be in every district of UP after that all over India.


We Have Two Centre In UP This Time They Are:

awareness centre: pratapgarh- pratapgarh is headed by Mohit Mishra , where awareness is created among the villages of the ruler village regarding the removable resources and home they can get the benefits of these resources by implementing siebel application like solar home light system in there village.

Administrative: Allahabad- Allahabad is headed by Sonu Sharma, where the tech and every task relative to admin complaint registration and any quarry related to the project is taken care.

Now we will talk about the use and need of electricity energy in that village of Balipur- There are 250 houses on 1 village and lets talke an everage that around 200 houses must have electricity , and each house is paying electric rent to Govt on average of 1,000/mth. So if we calculate then monthly these village is paying 2,00,000/mth . And then we approached them about our project of where we are going to provide you 24*7 electricity if you pay 500/mth regularly . Obvisously they will be happy that they are saving 500/mth and as well they will get 24 hr electricity.



SUMMARY- Overall we can conclude by saying that solar project have very prosperous future in all over the world, and the project of NSEAP is run for the welfare of villagers as well as for the Country. So our focus should be to hire those engineer who could help the Company to make progress up to the mark . Engineer/Surveyor play a vital role to uplift the condition of State, through such projects of Solar energy it is possible to make our Country Developed. We must join hand in hand and Implement the same project in all over the INDIA